WED 4/5/17: X-Men Gold #1 Launch Party

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Third Eye Faithful, we are PUMPED for the new X-MEN: RESURRXION initiative, and with the stellar X-MEN GOLD leading the charge, we just HAD to do something cool to celebrate and kick off Marvel’s return to glory for our favorite mutants, ya know?

On April 5th, X-MEN GOLD will be hitting the shelves, and we’ve put together a KILLER launch event to celebrate!

After X-MEN PRIME, there’ll be two big ongoing series spinning out of all the X-MEN madness that’s gone down, and they’re going to be bringing back a concept we looooooved from back in the day: X-MEN BLUE and X-MEN GOLD!

That’s right: the BLUE TEAM / GOLD TEAM dynamic is in full effect, and we cannot wait to see how it plays out!

These are the flagship titles, and they all kick off in April when X-MEN GOLD #1 drops on 4/5/17!

With a team led by KITTY PRYDE, and featuring STORM, COLOSSUS, NIGHTCRAWLER, OLD MAN LOGAN, and RACHEL GREY – this is definitely the big, bold, and very superhero-centric X-MEN title.

We’re talking bad guys galore, as rumors are already swirling about the return of the classic BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS and much more.

A lot less focus on the hero vs hero conflicts and X-MEN vs. Inhuman conflicts, and a more traditional return to the kind of X-MEN comics you remember — do NOT sleep on X-MEN GOLD!

We’ll have the following fun stuff going on:

  • FREE X-MEN GOLD Lithograph with purchase of X-MEN GOLD #1 (while supplies last)
  • Get the EXCLUSIVE X-MEN GOLD #1 Deadpool party variant while supplies last!
  • Get first crack at purchasing all the exclusive limited edition X-MEN GOLD #1 variants!
  • Save 20% off on ALL X-MEN and X-MEN-related graphic novels!