Third Eye Guide to DC’s March MOVIE Poster Variants

Hey Third Eye Faithful!

DC Comics is serving up another great round of themed alternate covers with their MARCH 2015 Movie variants, and we’ll have each and every one available at normal cover price!

In fact, if you pre-pay a full set, you can even save up to 15% OFF over buying them individual! Just make sure you get your pre-pay in by 2/28/15!

So, what’s the scoop on these awesome covers? Well, in the spirit of their DC Bombshells and Harley Quinn alternate covers, DC is serving up some of their premiere titles with stunning alternate covers paying homage to cinematic masterpieces like NORTH BY NORTHWEST and… BEETLEJUICE! 🙂

Reserve a full set or individual covers as well!

Not interested in pre-paying a set? Only want a few? You can click here, and then use the entry form to either select individuals by title, or the full set! For a full set, just put DC Movie Variants (ALL). For the individual titles, provide the issue you’re interested in!

Click here to reserve your set of MOVIE variants!

Here’s a gallery of ALL 22 MOVIE variants, along with their artists and projected release dates!