Third Eye Guide to DC’s HARLEY QUINN Variants

Hey Third Eye faithful!

This February, DC Comics delivers their next round of themed variants in celebration of everyone’s favorite wackjob, HARLEY QUINN!

Harley Quinn has been taking DC by storm in the last couple years. With a leading role in SUICIDE SQUAD, as well as her own awesome ongoing series, it’s clear that everyone simply cannot get enough HARLEY in their lives! In February the Harley madness will kick into full swing as we get to see her torment all of our favorite DC superheroes on the covers of their own books, so be sure to rev up your HARLEY game and make THIRD EYE COMICS your one stop shop for everything Harley Quinn! Want to make sure you get all 22 of these awesome variants?

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Here’s a gallery of ALL 22 Harley variants, along with their artists and projected release dates!