The Third Eye Guide to the BATMAN: Night of the Monster Men Crossover


The first crossover of the DC Rebirth era begins with NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN!

Red-hot BATMAN, VISION and OMEGA MEN writer TOM KING teams with DC Comics Superstars STEVE ORLANDO (Supergirl, Midnighter) and JAMES TYNION IV to craft a BATMAN crossover that harkens back to classics like BATMAN NO MAN’S LAND, BATMAN CONTAGION, and more!

We’re so stoked for the NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN crossover that’s kicking off in BATMAN #7 this Fall, and Third Eye Faithful, trust us: you should be too!

In NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN, the first crossover of the REBIRTH era arrives, and where better for it to strike than the incredible line-up of BATMAN titles that DC has going right now!

In BATMAN #7, as a huge storm approaches, BATMAN, BATWOMAN and NIGHTWING try and prepare Gotham City for the worst, but nothing can prepare them for enormous tall monsters rampaging through the streets of Gotham!

Batman will need all of his allies to unite in order to stop these mad science monstrosities from tearing the city apart.

In other words: giant kaiju beasts throwing down with the Bat-Family.. and of course, you know one of the best Bat-villains of all-time can’t be far behind!

NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN spans BATMAN, NIGHTWING and DETECTIVE COMICS throughout September and October – bringing all three books together in a HUGE way!

With the MONSTER MEN stomping their way through Gotham, how can the Bat-team take on both these monsters AND the storm of the century?

That’s where Nightwing comes in, as he goes behind the scenes in NIGHTWING #5 (Chapter 2 of NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN) to discover where these monsters originated.

What he finds lurking in the shadows may be worse than the monsters themselves!


With BATMAN and BATWOMAN taking to the streets in a motorcycle death race against a monster that transformers faster than they can keep up – you know things can only get worse!

Meanwhile, at BLACKGATE PRISON, something truly terrifying is growing in the prison’s darkest depths.. and its eggs are hatching!



Third Eye Faithful, NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN looks to be one the most exciting crossovers to hit the BAT-BOOKS in quite some times, and has that very rad epic feel that some of our favorite late ’90s and early ’00s Bat-crossovers like NO MAN’S LAND, CATACLYSM and more brought to the table.

Wanna get into it? Check out our NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN checklist below, and get on board!

Stay up to date with NIGHT OF THE MONSTER MEN with our checklist

  • BATMAN #7 *Chapter 1* – 9/21/16
  • NIGHTWING #5 *Chapter 2* – 9/21/16
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #941 *Chapter 3* – 9/28/16
  • BATMAN #8 *Chapter 4* – 10/5/16
  • NIGHTWING #6 *Chapter 5* – 10/5/16
  • DETECTIVE COMICS #942 *Chapter 6* – 10/12/16

More to be added!


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