Greetings Third Eye Faithful!

You’ve been hearing us talk for the last month or so about the DC Relaunch in our regular weekly newsletter, and now, we’ve decided to give you a very special edition of the Third Eye newsletter dedicated solely to the DC Relaunch.

Of course, we’ll be putting out our regular weekly newsletter this Monday, but for something as big as the upcoming DC Relaunch, we needed to dedicate an email to it in and of itself.

We’ll be going over many of the 52 new titles, talking about what we’re excited about, and what you have to look forward to. We’ll also be talking about a very special promotional offer we’ll be running all of September to celebrate the launch, which gives you a chance to try ALL of the 52 issue #1s, and save $52 in the process.

So, read on, and find out why the DC Relaunch is going to rock, as well as how the current storyline of FLASHPOINT is a perfect set-up for it.



The DC RELAUNCH is a historical event that we have not seen in comics ever before. While there have been company-wide initiatives (i.e post-ZERO HOUR/CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS), there has never been anything like this done before.


So, what is it? DC is relaunching their entire line of titles at #1 in September, trimming the fat on many of their characters and storylines, and bringing a streamlined, accessible appeal to their entire universe. They are NOT rebooting their continuity, but are instead re-focusing on what makes their characters unique, and as iconic as they are.


If you’ve ever said the words “I’ve never been big into DC Comics”, or “There’s just too much background to catch up on”, then the Relaunch is a perfect opportunity for you to find out how awesome the DC UNIVERSE is.


52 titles, with some of comics hottest creators on them, and they’re hitting this Fall. As a long-time fan of ALL comics, I am totally stoked, and as someone who’s worked in the comic industry for over a decade, I’m still in awe with the vision that DC has for their entire line.

So, What Are the New 52? One of the most exciting aspects of the Relaunch is how DC has a very clear vision of their line, and how the books will be laid out. The continuity between titles will be tight yet easy to understand, and each and every one of the 52 new titles will have a defined direction and place in the DC UNIVERSE.

Sample DC’s New 52 This Wednesday 7/20/11 – Starting this Wednesday, and moving forward through the week, we’re going to be giving out over 2,000+ FREE DC COMICS NEW 52 #1 Sampler books, which deliver you over 32 pages of first looks at all the upcoming new DC Titles.

What is Third Eye’s BUY 52, SAVE $52 Plan? We know that many of you have expressed interest in getting ALL 52 of the launch titles, and we decided to make it a little easier to do that. We’re going to be offering score cards beginning August 31st with the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1, and continuing until the end of September. On these cards, you’ll see ALL 52 of the DC NEW 52 launch titles, and every time you buy one of these titles, we’ll stamp that title’s logo.

When you’ve filled up your score card, and bought all 52 of the NEW 52, we’ll give you a $52 Third Eye Gift Card, which you can use on ANY purchase. That’s almost 35% in savings. The offer is only valid between August 31st and September 30th.

What is FLASHPOINT? Flashpoint is a storyline that’s currently running in the DCU where a mysterious force has caused the entire DCU’s reality to be altered. Superman never became Superman, Batman isn’t the Batman we all know, Abin Sur remains the Green Lantern, Aquaman is a crazed dictator, and the entire DC Universe is flipped on it’s head. Tidbits here, and there are being dropped that show we’re on our way to the foundations of the New 52. Wanna catch up on FLASHPOINT? We’ve got issues 1-3 in stock now, just come on by the shop, and snag those to hop aboard.

Click here to follow our DCU Rebirth Tumblr for daily updates about the DC RELAUNCH!

So, read on, Third Eye Faithful!

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Visit us at either Third Eye location to learn how you can save $52 (up to 35% off) when you purchase ALL 52 of the DC #1s.

How’s it work? We’ll be giving out score cards to everyone throughout September. Every time you buy one of the new DC #1s, we’ll stamp that title’s logo. Once you’ve filled your card by buying ALL 52. You’ll receive a $52 Third Eye Gift Card.

E-Mail us at [email protected] to inquire more about how our BUY 52, SAVE 52 program works.

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And, now… THE 52! What They Are, and What We’re Excited For

Here’s the full rundown on ALL 52 of the new launch titles. Now, we don’t want to bury you in text, so with 52 of these bad boys, we decided to not put all 52 covers in the e-mail, and our write-ups will be shorter than normal, but if you have any questions about ANY of the new titles, feel free to ask us in-store, and we’ll be happy to help you out. Also, please take note, these are not listed in any particular order. You can click here for a full list of the New 52 and detailed descriptions of each.


  1. justiceleaguecover JUSTICE LEAGUE – The big daddy. Jim Lee. Geoff Johns. The flagship DC title, and the first of the launch. This one is a must-buy, no questions asked. IF YOU LIKE:BATMAN HUSH, BLACKEST NIGHT, CLASSIC X-MEN. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  2. ACTION COMICS #1 – Grant Morrison and Rags Morales redefining Superman in today’s world. Even for you non-Supes fans, this is a MUST. IF YOU LIKE: ALL-STAR SUPERMAN. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  3. ANIMAL MAN #1 – Sweet Tooth writer JEFF LEMIRE looks to channel some serious Grant Morrison-era ANIMAL MAN with this one. Can’t wait! IF YOU LIKE: Morrison’s ANIMAL MAN, or SWEET TOOTH. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  4. BATGIRL #1 –  Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl by BIRDS OF PREY’s Gail Simone? We’re intrigued! IF YOU LIKE: X-23 or BIRDS OF PREY. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  5. BATWING #1 – From the ranks of BATMAN INC, Batwing brings Africa a defender. IF YOU LIKE:UNKNOWN SOLDIER, RED ROBIN. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  6. detectivecomics1DETECTIVE COMICS #1 - Just the relaunching of this long-running title is historic, but man… that cover is nice! IF YOU LIKE: BATMAN, or BATMAN STREETS OF GOTHAM. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  7. GREEN ARROW #1 –  Green Arrow grows global, traveling the world and bringing his nearly crossing-the-line style of justice worldwide. Very reminiscent of LONGBOW HUNTERS-era GA. IF YOU LIKE: THE CURRENT GREEN ARROW RUN Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  8. HAWK AND DOVE #1 – Dove’s dating Deadman, and Hawk’s not too happy. Dug BRIGHTEST DAY? Read this! IF YOU LIKE: BRIGHTEST DAY. Featuring ROB LIEFELD on interior art Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  9. JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #1 – Now here’s one that we’re stoked for. Hot on the heels of JL Gen Lost, and featuring Batman on team… this looks great! IF YOU LIKE: JUSTICE LEAGUE GENERATION LOST or old school JLI. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  10. MEN OF WAR #1 – Led by a soldier known as Joe Rock (hmm..), Easy Company is a team of ex-military men turned private contractors. A pure war book that plays with the private merc for hire concept. This looks great. IF YOU LIKE: MODERN WARFARE and THE LOSERS. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  11. O.M.A.C #1 – Pure Jack Kirby worship here, folks. Looks GREAT. Giffen on art! IF YOU LIKE:FOURTH WORLD, and other Kirby classics. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  12. staticshock STATIC SHOCK #1 - We’re huge fans of Static, and stoked to see him returning in a new ongoing series. IF YOU LIKE: STATIC SHOCK animated series, INVINCIBLE or BLUE BEETLE (most recent incarnation) Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  13. STORMWATCH #1 – The secret police of the DCU, featuring Authority characters like Midnighter, Apollo and Jack Hawksmoor paired with the Martian Manhunter. This WILL be amazing. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  14. SWAMP THING #1 – My personal favorite of the new line. AMERICAN VAMPIRE writer Scott Snyder brings us the first SWAMP THING that could rival ALAN MOORE’s. IF YOU LIKE:AMERICAN VAMPIRE, ALAN MOORE SAGA OF SWAMP THING. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  15. BATMAN AND ROBIN #1 – Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason pairing Bruce Wayne and his son as Batman and Robin.. this is another blockbuster-in-making. IF YOU LIKE: BATMAN AND SON, BATMAN AND ROBIN: WHITE KNIGHT. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  16. BATWOMAN #1 – All we can say is: FINALLY. You won’t find a book with better art. This is top shelf stuff. IF YOU LIKE: BATWOMAN: ELEGY, QUEEN & COUNTRY, and STUMPTOWN.
  17. deathstroke1 DEATHSTROKE #1 – The ultimate anti-hero, mercenary Deathstroke brings the ultra-violence in a big way. IF YOU LIKE: PUNISHER MAX, IRREDEEMABLE, NEMESIS. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  18. DEMON KNIGHTS #1 – Game of Thrones in the DCU? You know it. A sword and sorcery tales set on the grounds that will become Gotham City in the future. IF YOU LIKE: GAME OF THRONES, NORTHLANDERS Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  19. FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E #1 – Jeff Lemire brings the supernatural underbelly of the DCU to the forefront, and we can’t wait to see it explored. IF YOU LIKE: HELLBOY, BPRD
  20. greenlantern1GREEN LANTERN #1 – Geoff Johns makes magic in a whole new era with SINESTRO as the NEW Green Lantern, and star of this series. IF YOU LIKE: SINESTRO CORPS WARS, BLACKEST NIGHT, GREEN LANTERN REBIRTH. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  21. GRIFTER #1 – From the writer of Image hit WHO IS JAKE ELLIS? This espionage/noir brings DC’s most wanted rogue to the center stage. IF YOU LIKE: PUNISHER MAX, DEADPOOL, INCOGNITO Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  22. LEGION LOST #1 –  Seven heroes from the 31st century return to the present to save their doomed future, but end up trapped in a nightmarish new world. IF YOU LIKE: The original LEGION LOST, SERENITY/FIREFLY, BATTLESTAR GALACTIC.Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  23. MISTER TERRIFC #1 – The world’s third-smartest man – uses his fists and brains against science gone mad in this excellent-looking new series. IF YOU LIKE: Alan Moore’s TOM STRONG, INCORRUPTIBLE, Hickman’s FF.Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  24. RED LANTERNS #1 – Atrocitus and his Corps get their own title? What more could we want? :) IF YOU LIKE: RAGE OF THE RED LANTERNS, HAUNT Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  25. RESURRECTION MAN #1 – Personally I’m very pumped for this. Abnett & Lanning return with their hero who returns from death each time with a new and unexpected power. IF YOU LIKE:COWBOY NINJA VIKING, CHEW. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  26. suicidesquad1 SUICIDE SQUAD #1 – AWESOME. This looks great. A team of death-row super-villains recruited to take on government missions that’re suicidal. Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Killer Shark and more.. this is going to rule. IF YOU LIKE: SECRET SIX, THUNDERBOLTS, INCORRUPTIBLE. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  27. SUPERBOY #1 – A new take on Connor Kent… has the Boy of Steel been turned into a living weapon? IF YOU LIKE: GHOST IN THE SHELL, SUPREME POWER. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  28. BATMAN #1 – A MUST-READ. American Vampire/Gates of Gotham scribe SCOTT SNYDER and SPAWN artist Greg Capullo bring us the biggest Batman book ever! IF YOU LIKE: BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN, BATMAN HUSH, BATMAN YEAR ONE. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  29. BIRDS OF PREY #1 – Crime novelist Duane Swiercznski takes over the Birds of Prey, and brings a new twist to Gotham’s special ops team. IF YOU LIKE: SCARLET, BATWOMAN, JENNIFER BLOOD Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  30. BLUE BEETLE #1 – Jaime Reyes returns, and we couldn’t be more stoked. IF YOU LIKE: the original BLUE BEETLE series with Reyes, INVINCIBLE. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  31. CAPTAIN ATOM #1 – Captain Atom literally has the power to be a God. Imagine if DR MANHATTAN had his own series.. that’s Captain Atom. How far will Atom drift from his humanity?IF YOU LIKE: IRREDEEMABLE, CONCRETE, WATCHMEN Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  32. CATWOMAN #1 – Guillem March is one of the best new artists we’ve seen and his work on Catwoman looks phenomenal! IF YOU LIKE: GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, SPIDER-WOMAN (Bendis/Maleev), BATMAN: UNDER THE HOOD. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  33. GREEN LANTERN CORPS #1 – John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and Hal Jordan must lead the Corps galaxy-wide. IF YOU LIKE: BLACKEST NIGHT, WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  34. LEGION OF SUPERHEROES #1 – A new generation of Legion rises, with long-time Legion scribe Levitz bringing them to the front. IF YOU LIKE: THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA, AVENGERS ACADEMY Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  35. NIGHTWING1 NIGHTWING #1 – Stoked! Dick Grayson returns as Nightwing. IF YOU LIKE:RED ROBIN, Chuck Dixon’s NIGHTWING run.  Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  36. RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS #1 – Kenneth Rocafort on art? Yes please! The Red Hood in his own monthly title? Even better! IF YOU LIKE: BATMAN UNDER THE HOOD, RED HOOD LOST DAYS, INCORRUPTIBLE, THE BOYS, THUNDERBOLTS. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  37. SUPERGIRL #1 – She’s unpredictable, as powerful as Superman, but doesn’t share his affection for the people of Earth. Don’t make her mad. :) IF YOU LIKE: VERONICA MARS (TV Show), BUFFY SEASON 8, THE SWORD, X-23 Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  38. WONDER WOMAN #1 – The Gods walk among us, and only one woman can protect us from them. IF YOU LIKE: Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS, FABLES, THE SWORD. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  39. ALL-STAR WESTERN #1 – In the Old West days of Gotham City, Amadeus Arkham, must enlist Hex to hunt down a vicious serial killer. IF YOU LIKE: ECHOES, the movie SE7EN, JONAH HEX: NO WAY BACK.Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  40. aquaman1 AQUAMAN #1 – Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis, the creative team of BLACKEST NIGHT, bring Aquaman to us in the must-read series of the year. Loved him in BRIGHTEST DAY & FLASHPOINT? Wait’ll you see this. IF YOU LIKE: BRIGHTEST DAY, EMPEROR AQUAMAN Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  41. BATMAN THE DARK KNIGHT #1 – David Finch brings us this superstar book that pits Batman against an entire gauntlet of murderers in the halls of ARKHAM ASYLUM. IF YOU LIKE:ARKHAM ASYLUM: A SERIOUS HOUSE, BATMAN: HUSH Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  42. BLACKHAWKS #1 – In a world where bio-weapons, and laser-guided missiles make the enemy impossible to find, only the Blackhawks stand between us and them. IF YOU LIKE: THE LOSERS, The Jason Bourne movies, INCEPTION. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  43. THE FLASH #1 – The fastest man alive is back with the amazing art of Francis Manapul. This looks amazing! - IF YOU LIKE: Geoff Johns’s most recent FLASH run. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  44. FURY OF FIRESTORM #1 – Two high school students, one body, and an awesome story of science, bigger-than-life superheroics, and more. IF YOU LIKE: INVINCIBLE, BRIGHTEST DAY, KICK-ASS. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  45. GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #1 – Kyle Rayner in his own title again? ‘Nuff said! IF YOU LIKE: Ron Marz-era GREEN LANTERN, GREEN LANTERN: EMERALD WARRIORS. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  46. I, VAMPIRE #1 - Mix AMERICAN VAMPIRE with TRUE BLOOD, and the writer of ECHOES, Josh Fialkov, and you’ve got yourself one great new title. IF YOU LIKE: AMERICAN VAMPIRE, TRUE BLOOD, ANITA BLAKE Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  47. JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #1 – The DCU’s mystical characters, including JOHN CONSTANTINE are gathered in this compelling new series by Vertigo fan-favorite PETER MILLIGAN. IF YOU LIKE: HELLBLAZER, ZATANNA, DC’s REIGN IN HELL, DOCTOR STRANGE. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  48. THE SAVAGE HAWKMAN #1 – Carter Hall is an archaeologist specializing in alien ruins — but finds himself forced to become the new savage Hawkman. IF YOU LIKE: FRINGE, CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  49. SUPERMAN #1 – GEORGE PEREZ writing and drawing SUPERMAN? That says it all. It will rock.IF YOU LIKE: INFINITE CRISIS, SUPERMAN SECRET ORIGIN, SUPERMAN EARTH ONE. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  50. teentitans1 TEEN TITANS #1 – Brett Booth on art, and a brand new team featuring Tim Drake, the Red Robin, as it’s leader. IF YOU LIKE: RED ROBIN, TEEN TITANS by Geoff Johns, UNCANNY X-FORCE.Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  51. VOODOO #1 – Who is VOODOO? A hero, a villain.. or both? A great look at the new DCU through the eyes of this engimatic character. IF YOU LIKE: WITCHBLADE, BUFFY SEASON 8, X-23. Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
  52. DCU PRESENTS #1 – A brand new series that spotlights many of the new DCU’s different heroes, beginning with DEADMAN. IF YOU LIKE: BRIGHTEST DAY, MARVEL TEAM-UP Click here to add this title to your subscription box.
Click here to see the full list, including cover images, and detailed descriptions about each title.



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