Join us as we host the exciting launch of a brand new series from IDW Publishing, with our VITRIOL THE HUNTER launch event!

This exciting new series is a must for fans of HELLBOY, BPRD, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, and BALTIMORE: THE PLAGUE SHIPS.

Drawing on folklore and old monster myths prevalent in today’s society, shaping them into a story that’s one part classic horror film, and one part futuristic fantasy; imagine Hammer Studios’s Horror of Dracula by way of Blade Runner.

A self-proclaimed vigilante, Vitriol leads a mission to cleanse his homeland of the malicious monsters that have overtaken it, led by a brutal vampire with some tyrannical inclinations.

Set in the city of Basilika in the year 2127, Vitriol the Hunter chronicles Vitriol’s encounters with werewolves, hordes of hellions, and other walking myths.

Co-created, and featuring the artwork of GOOD CHARLOTTE’s Billy Martin, and written by Brent Allen, VITRIOL THE HUNTER is set to be one of the breakout hits of the Spring, and we’re honored to be the official launch spot for the book this March!

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