Marvel NOW: The Marvel Universe Begins Again NOW!


The Future of Marvel Comics is NOW.

A Personal Note About MARVEL NOW From Third Eye Steve

Hello Third Eye Faithful!

You know, it feels like it was just yesterday that we were talking about a very similar once-in-a-lifetime event with comics in regards to the DC NEW 52. Now, one year later, and I have to tell you, not only am I so impressed by what they’ve done with the NEW 52, but am really glad that we were such a large part of it. It’s hard to not compare when writing this, but I have to tell you:

The electricity and excitement that I can feel surrounding Marvel’s similarly-planned relaunch is even BIGGER. I seriously feel that MARVEL NOW is going to be a monster, in terms of both critical and commercial acclaim, and I want to make sure that each and every one of you guys are able to get in on the ground floor of this.

How do I feel about this? Personally, folks, I am more excited about MARVEL NOW than I have been nearly anything that’s happened in comics… ever. I realize that sounds like hype, but I am legitimately pumped after having seen the things I’ve seen for this.

At the core of the MARVEL NOW stuff though, you know what it is that has me so excited? These books really capture that Marvel magic on a major scale. I’ve been lucky enough to sneak a peek at some of these, and I have to tell you: there’s something special going on here. There’s a return to a shared universe amongst the Marvel books, there’s a sense of fast-paced, action-packed storytelling, and a focus on familiar characters that have grown iconic through the ages. But, I think the thing that is most striking to me about MARVEL NOW, is that these books manage to capture the timeless iconic feel of MARVEL COMICS while still bringing new territory to the table, and infusing the kind of modern comics energy of many creator-owned titles into the classic surroundings of the Marvel Universe.

In short: these are the Marvel Comics you’ve always wanted to read. Imagine taking the BEST OF THE BEST, Third Eye Faithful. We’re talking the quality runs of stuff like UNCANNY X-FORCE: THE DARK ANGEL SAGA, Mark Waid’s DAREDEVIL, Joss Whedon’s ASTONISHING X-MEN, Mark Millar’s OLD MAN LOGAN, and Jonathan Hickman’s FANTASTIC FOUR. Imagine these runs, these epic, modern classics of comic book awesomeness, and then applying that level of quality and innovation line-wide to the Marvel Universe.

That, Third Eye Faithful, is exactly what Marvel NOW is all about!

So, Third Eye Faithful, let’s talk all about MARVEL NOW, and let’s get ready to for a year full of kick-ass comic books!


Marvel NOW is very similar to The DC NEW 52, in that it’s a relaunch of Marvel’s flagship titles and characters, but not necessarily a reboot. This is a way of streamlining the Marvel Universe back into the shared universe it’s intended to be, while at the same time staying true to the storylines that’ve come before. In other words: everything that’s happened, has happened, while some of the.. well, to be honest, dumber stuff from the last 60 years of Marvel continuity are being quietly sat aside.

Is this a good thing? You know it! I mean, I think we can all live without the era of Wolverine sans nose, and Avengers: The Crossing, right?

Never read (insert your favorite Marvel character here)? Start NOW.

MARVEL NOW is also THE perfect place to jump on board with the Marvel Universe, and start reading these characters. Each book is designed to be easy for brand new readers, or long-time fans, to jump on with and follow.

Much like the NEW 52, Marvel NOW is opening up the playing field and making it so many of their most iconic characters are once again accessible from issue #1 and onward to new fans.

However, this is not a cold reboot, and the storylines that’ve come in the past are still a relevant part of these characters and their histories.

Should I read anything first? Why AVENGERS VS. X-MEN is amazing in a nutshell.

With MARVEL NOW, the beauty is being able to jump on fresh with these characters at issue #1. However, if you’re like us, and want to get some kind of back-story going in, we’d recommend snagging AVENGERS VS. X-MEN as that’s the storyline catalyst for the MARVEL NOW event.

We currently have all AVENGERS VS. X-MEN issues in stock at both Third Eye locations, and will be more than happy to get you caught up. This will give you a good primer on some of the major things that’ve gone down with the Marvel Universe in the last year leading up to MARVEL NOW.

Plus: AVENGERS VS. X-MEN was FANTASTIC, and is a great way to break the ice of getting into the Marvel U.


Make Mine MARVEL NOW! Party at Third Eye Comics!

It’s not every day that something as big as MARVEL NOW goes down, so when it does, we like to kick things off in a major way at Third Eye.

This is why we’re doing a very special MAKE MINE MARVEL NOW! Release Party to coincide with the debut of UNCANNY AVENGERS #1.

That’s right, Third Eye Faithful. At 9AM Wednesday morning on 10/10, we’ll be opening the doors to Third Eye, and giving you the FIRST crack at purchasing the flagship MARVEL NOW title, UNCANNY AVENGERS.

We’ll have a ton of awesome stuff happening at our special release party, including sales on select Marvel Comics items, door prizes, giveaways, and of course, the early bird opportunity for YOU to be one of the FIRST to purchase the elusive, and highly sought-after Marvel NOW UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 DEADPOOL CALL ME MAYBE variant.

This variant is printed in very limited numbers, and will only be available during the MAKE MINE MARVEL NOW party!

You’ll also get first crack at all the other Marvel NOW variants available for UNCANNY AVENGERS #1.

In addition, we’ll be hosting our Make Mine MARVEL NOW! Recruitment drive, where you can sign up at our Marvel NOW Recruitment Booth to have your favorite Marvel NOW #1s reserved and held.

Of course, you can also sign up via our website, or any other time in-store, but we need an excuse to put some of the Third Eye Team in costume. ūüôā

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One of the cool things that Marvel is doing with MARVEL NOW is issuing some very rad variant covers. By far, the most popular of the Marvel NOW variants, are the Skottie Young MARVEL BABIES covers, and we have a feeling these will be the ones that end up being the most sought after. 

While we will have the Marvel NOW Babies variants available for a regular variant price in-store (normally between $10-$20each), depending upon the ratios of each variant, but when you get ALL Marvel Now #1s, we’re offering you an opportunity to get the full set of these for just cover price (usually $2.99-$3.99ea)!

How’re we going to make this happen? Well, much like last year’s NEW 52 promotion we ran, we’re going to be giving out Marvel NOW Punch Cards at our UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 release party.

Every time that you purchase one of the MARVEL NOW #1 issues, we’ll stamp that book off your card.

Once you’ve filled your card, you can redeem it for a full set of the Marvel NOW Skottie Young variants.

To make sure we’ve got the right amount of these variant sets reserved, we would totally appreciate it if you guys used our subscription service (click here to check it out), and entered in the additions field: MARVEL NOW #1s (ALL). While this isn’t necessary to participate, it is super helpful for us! ūüôā

What Are the MARVEL NOW titles?

Not only have we compiled a list of the MARVEL NOW titles that have been announced so far, but we’ve also weighed in with our thoughts on each. We’ll be updating this page as more MARVEL NOW titles are announced. Unlike the NEW 52 launch, the MARVEL NOW initiative will be happening over the course of the next few months, beginning in OCTOBER, and continuing throughout 2012 and 2013.

Without further adieu, the Third Eye MARVEL NOW Checklist:

OCTOBER 10th — Marvel NOW begins!

UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 (Click here for info on Third Eye’s special Make Mine MARVEL NOW! Party) — The flagship title of the MARVEL NOW line featuring UNCANNY X-FORCE / VENOM writer RICK REMENDER and ASTONISHING X-MEN / PLANETARY artist JOHN CASSADAY.

This is the comic EVERYONE needs to be reading!

THIS IS IT! The greatest era of the Marvel Universe starts here! From the ashes of AvX an all-new, all-different Avengers assemble! Dive headfirst into Marvel NOW! as the superstar dream team of Rick Remender (Uncanny X-Force, Venom) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Captain America) deliver high stakes action in UNCANNY AVENGERS #1 ‚Äď sporting a jaw-dropping cover by Cassaday! No fan can miss the blockbuster debut of an all-new Avengers team featuring members from all across the Marvel Universe‚Ķa team uniting Avenger and X-Man alike! Captain America begins his quest to create a sanctioned Avengers unit comprised of Avengers and X-Men, humans and mutants working together ‚Äď so why is Professor Xavier‚Äôs dream more at risk than ever? The funeral of one of Marvel‚Äôs greatest heroes! The first attack of the most loathsome villain in history will quake the Marvel Universe forever! But following the devastating events of Avengers VS X-Men, can Captain America pull together a team that can get along for‚Ķ

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RED SHE-HULK #1 (58) –¬†Here’s another one that I’m really thinking is going to take a lot of you by surprise. The early looks I got at Red She-Hulk are freakin’ COOL. The art looks sharp, the storytelling is great, and the new focus on Betty Banner as the Earth’s strongest female… and her mission of destruction, is just downright cool.

This one has sleeper hit written all over it!

All-new ongoing!¬†The Earth’s strongest female set on a path of destruction!!! Her enemies? Every powered being in the Marvel Universe!!!

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AUG120546MARVEL NOW POINT ONE #1 — The Son of Nick Fury explores the key players and most dangerous threats of the Marvel Universe in 2013. A great book that connects the dots of the Marvel NOW direction.

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Avengers PLUS X-Men #1 — Take the awesomeness that was Marvel’s AVX: VERSUS, now apply that as team-ups, instead of showdowns, and you’ve got yourself a great book. Featuring the biggest creators in comics, with each issue delivering team-ups between major Marvel icons. Imagine the classic Marvel Team-Up in a modern sense!

Get ready for action-packed stories featuring team-ups from your favorite Marvel heroes every month! First, a story where Wolverine and Hulk come together, and then Captain America and Cable meet up! But will each partner’s combined strength be enough?

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502311f3b0e15DEADPOOL #1 (featuring a special Third Eye Comics store-exclusive variant by STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE artist TRADD MOORE! Meet Marvel NOW DEADPOOL writer at Third Eye on 11/17, click here for info!) — Folks, this is THE Deadpool book to read. Gerry Duggan (Infinite Horizon) and Brian Posehn (Totally rad comedian) are both legit funny dudes, and pairing them up with TONY MOORE (Walking Dead) on DEADPOOL is perfect.

Dead former United States presidents, from George Washington to Gerald Ford have been resurrected, and that’s BAD. The Marvel heroes can’t be the ones to stop them, someone is needed with the reputation, skills and plausible deniability to take out these com-monsters in chiefs…NOW! is the time for Deadpool! In Wade We Trust!

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IRON MAN #1 — Kieron Gillen worked mad magic with his run of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY. Pairing him up with a talent like GREG LAND is a big deal, and we can’t wait to see their take on the technological visionary that you hate to love and love to hate.

Tony Stark-Iron Man: Technological visionary, wealthy playboy, unparalleled engineer, and armored Avenger. His greatest invention becomes his greatest mistake. Iron Man must act fas and Tony Stark must build faster! The lethal techno virus Extremis is out in the wild and out for grabs to the highest bidder! It’s up to Tony Stark to contain it and that means creating a new suit of armor! NOW!

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503665d3aa0baALL NEW X-MEN #1 — Brian Michael Bendis on the X-Men? That alone is worth the price of admission, considering this is a first for the uber-talented Marvel writer. But the pitch of this one sounds incredible, check this out: the original five students of Professor X are plucked from the past and brougth to the present. But, when they see a world where their future selves are drastically changed.. they don’t like what they see.

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imagesFANTASTIC FOUR #1 — Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley are shaping up to be one of the best teams on FF that we’ve seen in some time.

I don’t know why, but I get a very modern day John Byrne kind of feel for this run.

Four adults. Two kids. One ‚Äėcar.‚Äô NOW! begins a journey through all of infinite time and space.

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5020399eed9fcTHOR GOD OF THUNDER #1 — This may be one of the ones I’m most excited for. I mean, just look at that cover: it screams bad-ass. Jason Aaron (SCALPED, WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN) and ESAD RIBIC (Thor and Loki: BLOOD BROTHERS) take THOR back to his medevil roots, and it looks so freakin’ cool.
Throughout the ages, the gods of the Marvel Universe have been vanishing, their mortal worshippers left in chaos. NOW! the Mighty Thor follows a trail of blood that threatens to consume his past, present and future selves. The only hope for these ravaged worlds lies with the God of Thunder unraveling the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher!
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50252b686f0f3X-MEN LEGACY #1 — One of the coolest aspects of MARVEL NOW is how some titles that never caught my interest before are now practically grabbing me by the throat and yanking me in.

CROSSED WISH YOU WERE HERE writer Si Spurrier brings a very creepy, and eerie edge to the world of the X-Men’s lesser-known members… and in turn, makes something very cool.

This one could very well be the ANIMAL MAN of the Marvel NOW Launch.

Legion, the most powerful and unstable mutant in the world and son to Professor Charles Xavier, has killed gods and reshaped the face of the universe. NOW! in the aftermath of Avengers vs. X-Men, Legion will finally attempt to conquer his demons and embrace his father’s legacy!

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SEP120605AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #9 — You might as well just call this AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #1. ūüėČ Marvel NOW completely changes the direction of this series, putting it firmly in the continuity of the Marvel U, and exploring the Indestructible HULK’s relationship to the AVENGERS. By an all-star creative team of KELLY SUE DECONNICK (CAPTAIN MARVEL) and STEFANO CASELLI (SPIDER ISLAND, SECRET WARRIORS)

Kelly Sue Deconnick (CAPTAIN MARVEL) and Stefano Caselli (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) team up to tackle the titanic tales YOU DEMANDED! And in continuity to boot?! o Two scientists. Two giant egos. One wears a tank. One is a tank. Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are SCIENCE BROS! o When a fellow bigbrain goes missing, wanna bet who can find him first? It’s Amazing Race, Avengers-style, as Iron Man and Hulk form their teams and embark on a global manhunt with the ultimate prize at stake…bragging rights!

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5021d640ac3cfINDESTRUCTIBLE HULK #1 — Mark Waid completely re-invented DAREDEVIL last year, and, because of that, has our complete faith. Pair him up with the incredibly talented Leinil Yu (SUPERIOR, SUPERCROOKS)… and that’s comic magic waiting to happen.

Hulk ‚Äď Indestructible force more weapon than man. Banner ‚Äď smartest man alive. Combined they are the Strongest, Smartest Weapon on the planet! And NOW! the INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK is an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

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5025245bb0b24CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 — This may be the one I’m the most excited about. And, you know, it’s odd for me to say that because I’m not always a huge CAPTAIN AMERICA fan (I mean, I dig the character, but his rogues gallery has always left me a little flat.. I mean, Batroc, seriously?)… BUT THIS SOUNDS RAD! Rick Remender (writer of UNCANNY X-FORCE, VENOM, etc.) will be working alongside comics legend JOHN ROMITA JR (KICK-ASS) to deliver a fresh take on Cap that I can only sum up as CAPTAIN AMERICA: WARLORD OF MARS. Seriously. This looks great.

Thrust into a bizarre, inhospitable world far from home, the all-new, high-adventure, mind-melting, tough-as-nails, sci-fi, pulp-fantasy era of Captain America is NOW! With no country and no allies, what’s left for the Sentinel of Liberty to protect? The Saga of Dimension Z begins here!

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502401a3f154bFF #1 –– Matt Fraction joins forces with Third Eye favorite MIKE ALLRED (MADMAN, IZOMBIE) to deliver a very fresh and quirky concept: the Substitute Four! This will be a sleeper, guaranteed, but it looks amazing!

We have seen the future and it will be fantastic! In the absence of the Fantastic Four, a substitute Four, hand-picked by the real deal‚ÄďAnt-Man, Medusa, She-Hulk and Miss Thing‚Äďstand ready to guard the Earth and the nascent Future Foundation for four minutes‚Ķ NOW! what could possibly go wrong?

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SEP120526AVENGERS #1 — Jonathan Hickman (MANHATTAN PROJECTS, FANTASTIC FOUR, PAX ROMANA, SECRET) and JEROME OPENA (UNCANNY X-FORCE) are the definition of dream team. This is the flagship AVENGERS title, and features the heavyweight line-up with members like Captain America, Wolverine, Captain Marvel and the Hulk… and while Marvel’s tightlipped about what goes down here — from what we’ve seen: it’s amazing.

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THUNDERBOLTS #1 — This is like THE dream-team… Punisher, Red Hulk, Elektra, Deadpool, Venom… AND it’s done by Daniel Way (DEADPOOL) and Steve Dillon (PREACHER)? What’s not to love?

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comics_avengers_arena_1AVENGERS ARENA #1 — You guys know, we’re big fans of DENNIS HOPELESS and his work on last year’s LEGION OF MONSTERS and his creator-owned gem with KEVIN MELLON, LOVESTRUCK. ¬†So, the idea of him doing a MARVEL UNIVERSE meets HUNGER GAMES / BATTLE ROYALE storyline featuring members of THE RUNAWAYS, AVENGERS ACADEMY, and more… is AWESOME.

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CableAndXForce_01_CoverCABLE & THE X-FORCE #1 — Dennis Hopeless hops onto another major MARVEL NOW book with INVINCIBLE IRON MAN artist SALVADOR LAROCCA and it looks fantastic! This one channels the old school energy of early X-Force, and honestly: Domino… Forge… Cable.. how cool is that?

Cable is back NOW! He has a new X-Force consisting of Colossus, Forge, Domino and Dr. Nemesis and they are all caught red-handed at the scene of a terrorist attack on a major American corporation whose CEO has expressed anti-mutant views. Now Cable and X-Force are on the run, with the Uncanny Avengers in hot pursuit.

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UncannyX-ForceLogoUNCANNY X-FORCE #1 — Third Eye favorite SAM HUMPHRIES (HIGHER EARTH, SACRIFICE) brings his knack for kick-ass storytelling to the most deadly super-team alive… and we cannot wait to see his approach! Psylocke leading a team of clandestine operatives, including members like Storm, Puck and Spiral, on a bloody warpath through the Marvel Universe.

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