FRI 3/3/17: LOGAN DAY at Third Eye Comics

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Join us on Friday 3/3/17 as we celebrate the release of one of our most anticipated comic book movies this year: LOGAN!

Seriously, we are totally amped about this – and to celebrate, we’ve put together a killer event on Friday 3/3/17 to give you a reason to celebrate with us!

From 11AM to 9PM on Friday, the day of release for the LOGAN film, we’ll be giving out LOGAN Slash-Packs with ANY purchase of WOLVERINE or X-23 graphic novels, t-shirts, statues or toys!

Each Slash-Pack has a few of our favorite DEADPOOL comics in ’em, along with a couple of randomly inserted surprises into a few select PoolPaks!

In addition, we’ll be giving everyone who comes in that day a raffle ticket to be entered into a prize drawing for a special WOLVERINE PRIZE PACKAGE!

Annnnnd, then, finally if you show up in WOLVERINE or X-23 cosplay (or any character related to the world of LOGAN / WOLVERINE) – we’ll hook you up with a copy of ALL NEW WOLVERINE #1 featuring X-23… for FREE!

Come in WOLVERINE or X-23 Cosplay & Get a Copy of ALL NEW WOLVERINE #1 (featuring X-23) totally FREE!

We know some of you have some pretty sick cosplays, and we’d love to have you show ’em off on your way to the theater to us here at Third Eye!

If you show up at on 3/3/17 between 11am-9pm in WOLVERINE or X-23 Cosplay, we’ll hook you up with one of these rad ALL NEW WOLVERINE issue #1s!





Get a LOGAN Slash-Pack when you purchase ANY WOLVERINE or X-23 Graphic Novel, T-Shirt or Toy on 3/3/17!

OMG! FREE STUFF? You know it. We’ve put together some nifty LOGAN Slash-Packs that are loaded with a few of our favorite WOLVERINE comics, and… there may be a cool surprise or two along the way as well!





Be Entered to Win a WOLVERINE Prize Package!

And, hey, just for coming to see us on Friday 3/3/17, we’ll even toss in something extra for you: a raffle ticket to be entered to win a special WOLVERINE prize package!