FF587_02In store TUESDAY 1/25/11, Fantastic Four 587 looks to be the biggest book of 2011 with it’s earth-shattering conclusion to Jonathan Hickman’s incredible  Countdown to Casualty storyline, where one of the Fantastic Four will die.

Marvel has announced a special NO OVERPRINT policy on this book, and they haven’t done that since the release of CAPTAIN AMERICA #25 with the DEATH OF CAPTAIN AMERICA. So, while we’ve got plenty coming in, we’d advise you to shoot us an email at, and reserve a copy to be held next Wednesday. You can reserve up to 3 copies.

Steve’s Thoughts:

As for the book itself, FANTASTIC FOUR has slowly climbed up from being a book I personally had little interest in to being one of my favorite monthly Marvel titles. Jonathan Hickman is one of the most talented comic writers working today, in my opinion, and his work on FANTASTIC FOUR may be his most shining triumph yet. His run began with issue #570, and month after month, he has turned this book into the bigger-than-life, high concept sci-fi fueled superhero epic it deserves to be. When I first heard that one of the FF was going to die, I wasn’t as invested, but over the course of Hickman’s Countdown to Casualty story arc which began in Fantastic Four #583, I swear, he’s developed each member of the team into a character I DON’T want to see die. His work on the book has been THAT good.

TOM_FF_587_02Now, going forward, we’re only one week away from the release of the final chapter of Hickman’s FANTASTIC FOUR: COUNTDOWN TO CASUALTY arc, and I couldn’t be more stoked.

E-mail us now at to request your copy of FANTASTIC FOUR #587.

What About The Rest Of The Story? So, you’re intrigued by our total fanboy gushing over Hickman’s FANTASTIC FOUR run, huh? Well, folks, we could not recommend his FF more, and if you’re looking to get caught up before #587, we have both a full selection of all the back issues that make up his run on the book, as well as the three volumes of graphic novels that collect up the majority of his run thus far. We’ll also be getting in special editions of FANTASTIC FOUR 583-586 this Wednesday with 587 to allow you to catch up with the COUNTDOWN TO CASUALTY storyline.  Below we’ve outlined a few ways you can get caught up on what is possibly one of the best Marvel books on the stands right now.


Read it in Trade, In Stock Now at Third Eye: Wanna get caught up from the very beginning quick and easy? Start with FANTASTIC FOUR by JONATHAN HICKMAN volume 1, and find out what we’ve been raving about since his run began. We know, a lot of you are probably saying “I’ve never been a big FF fan” Folks, neither have I, but Hickman has worked serious magic with this book, and has given us the best run on the series since the original Stan and Jack stuff. After reading the first volume of his stuff on FF, you WILL love the FF. detail

So far, there’s three trade paperbacks collecting his run, and they’ll take you from issue #570 to #582, right before the COUNTDOWN TO CASUALTY story begins. We have all three in stock and available now here at Third Eye.

Read It In Issues: If you prefer to own the original issues of a run, and read ’em like that, we’ve also got the full run of 570-586 in stock now and available now. You can snag copies now, but many of these are already out of print, so if you’re interested, we recommend getting ’em quick!

Get The Special Edition COUNTDOWN TO CASUALTY issues Wednesday 1/26: Maybe you just want to jump on with the most recent arc of Hickman’s FF, and get caught up for the big Death issue that ships next Tuesday. Well, we have the perfect thing for you. Hitting the shop on Wednesday 1/26, we’ve got FF 583, 584, 585, and 586 all featuring special covers that link together to make a larger picture. If you’d like, you can even reserve a set of these alongside your FF 587!