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  • Fear Itself # 1
  • Fear Itself # 2
  • Fear Itself # 3
  • Fear Itself # 4
  • Fear Itself # 5
  • Fear Itself # 6
  • Fear Itself # 7

Mini Series/ Tie-Ins:

  • Fear Itself: BOOK OF THE SKULL (Prologue)
  • Fear Itself: Sins Past (one shot)
  • Fear Itself: Spotlight (one shot)
  • Fear Itself: Black Widow #1
  • Fear Itself: Deadpool #1
  • Fear Itself: Deadpool #2
  • Fear Itself: Deadpool #3
  • Fear Itself: The Deep #1
  • Fear Itself: The Deep #2
  • Fear Itself: The Deep #3
  • Fear Itself: The Deep #4
  • Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #1
  • Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #2
  • Fear Itself: Fearsome Four #3
  • Fear Itself: Fearsome four #4
  • Fear Itself: FF
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 1
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 2
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 3
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 4
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 5
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 6
  • Fear Itself: Home Front # 7
  • Fear Itself: Spider-Man # 1
  • Fear Itself: Spider-Man # 2
  • Fear Itself: Spider-Man # 3
  • Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1
  • Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #2
  • Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #3
  • Fear Itself: Wolverine #1
  • Fear Itself: Wolverine #2
  • Fear Itself: Wolverine #3
  • Fear Itself: The Worthy
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 1
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 2
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 3
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 4
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 5
  • Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt # 6


  • Avengers
  • New Avengers
  • Secret Avengers
  • Avengers Academy
  • Invincible Iron Man
  • Journey Into Mystery
  • Thunderbolts
  • Black Panther: Man without Fear
  • Heroes for Hire
  • Iron Man 2.0
  • Herc
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Hulk

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What is FEAR ITSELF? Read This Excerpt From Our Weekly Update To Find Out!

Here it is, folks. The biggest freakin’ Marvel storyline since CIVIL WAR. This is the main event. This is where we’re going to see the entire landscape of the Marvel Universe change. We’ve been talking this one up for quite some time now here at Third Eye, and after having just the prologue with Book of the Skull to whet our appetites for this, it’s finally time to get stoked and prepare for FEAR ITSELF.

We’ve been told a few things about the story, and while we do have to keep tight-lipped as not to ruin any major directions of the story, we can tell you this: this book will change the direction of SEVERAL major Marvel characters. Much like CIVIL WAR in regards to how it set the path of the Marvel Universe for years to come, and made major ramifications on the lives of many of it’s primary characters, you can expect to see the same thing from FEAR ITSELF.

We can also say that from what we’ve been told, there’s going to be two issues in particular that are so big, they’ll be getting nationwide media coverage. We can only imagine just WHAT those things could be.

Now, in terms of talking hype, and whatnot, FEAR ITSELF is looking to not just be an important book, but also a damn good book too. See, the creative team on this one are two of the most talented guys working in comics today. MATT FRACTION (who’s run on INVINCIBLE IRON MAN has rocked it since day one, and his current run on THOR has been impressing the heck out of us) and STUART IMMONEN (a talented artist who is set to become the superstar he deserves to be with this series) have great reputations in regards to not just putting out good work, but putting out good work on time. And, folks, as we know with events, scheduling can be EVERYTHING. One of the things Fraction assured us when we spoke was that the series would be on schedule each and every month. I’m stoked to hear that. 🙂

So, the question is now: WHAT IS FEAR ITSELF? Fear Itself is a major Marvel storyline that encompasses the Marvel Universe as a whole, and centers around a major revelation concerning WHO really are the GODS of ASGARD, and how the faith of Thor may be shaken as a result. Oh, and there’s a serpentine Asgardian God of Fear who’s been awakened by the new Red Skull (his lovely daughter Sin), and is spreading pain, despair, and suffering across the entire Marvel Universe.

What we can tell you, without giving out any spoilers, is that several Marvel characters will be chosen as avatars and heralds for this enigmatic Elder God (imagine Cthulhu mythos by way of Asgardian lore, and that sums it up) who is higher in rank than Odin himself. From what Marvel has shown, we’ve seen images of characters like The Hulk, Juggernaut, and even obscurities like the Grey Gargoyle, being given Mjolnir-esque hammers, and charged with the power of Asgard….

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