AwesomeCon: Meet Image’s ROCKSTARS creative team Joe Harris & MEGAN HUTCHISON at the Third Eye Booth #1003 on 6/17 & 6/18

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One of our favorite IMAGE COMICS series of 2017 has been Image’s ROCKSTARS, which blends classic rock-n-roll mythology and the occult to tell one heck of an awesome story!

This is seriously an incredible read — and we know that many of you, like us, are just as steeped in the history and mythology of rock-n-roll and pop music… and Joe does an incredible job alongside the very talented Megan Hutchison bringing that to life!

We love the series so much that we had to do a special exclusive cover for ROCKSTARS VOL.1, and you can make it your’s this week for just $9.99!

In fact, we’re so pumped that we worked with Joe, Megan and our pals at AwesomeCon to host them at our booth DURING AwesomeCon on Saturday and Sunday 6/17 and 6/18!

That’s right, they’ll be be signing at the Third Eye booth, and not only will they be signing your issues of ROCKSTARS, but also all their other projects like GREAT PACIFIC, X-FILES, and more but we’ll also have a very special THIRD EYE COMICS exclusive edition of ROCKSTARS VOL.1, that you can purchase for just $9.99 and get signed by the folks behind it: Joe Harris and Megan Hutchison!

Get the Third Eye Comics exclusive edition of ROCKSTARS VOL.1 TPB now!

Not only will we be hosting Megan and Joe at our booth, but we’ve got this totally rad exclusive Third Eye edition of his new graphic novel, ROCKSTARS VOL.1, that you can scoop anytime between 6/14/17 and 6/18/17 (at AwesomeCon!) to get signed by Joe and Megan at AWESOME CON!

And, for those of you who may not be local, you can click here to order your copy of our ROCKSTARS VOL.1 now.



Visit our booth at AWESOME CON & purchase the ROCKSTARS TP VOL.1 Third Eye cover, and get a FREE Image Expo ROCKSTARS poster (while supplies last!)

In addition to being able to get your copy of ROCKSTARS signed by Joe & Megan, you can also get a free IMAGE EXPO Rockstars poster when you snag a copy of the TPB (while supplies last!)