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Who is Third Eye Comics?

The Secret Origins of Third Eye Comics!

Third Eye Comics first opened for business in 2008. Third Eye was born out of a a love, and lifelong passion shared by husband and wife duo Steve Anderson and Patricia Rabbitt. At the young age of 25, Steve had already spent nearly a decade working in the comic book industry as a manager at the comic shop he grew up shopping with. After spending years saving, and selling his own comic book collection, Trish and he brought life to Third Eye in a tiny, and unconventional little Annapolis storefront.

Now, nearly five years later, Third Eye Comics has grown into a 5,000 square foot mega-store located directly at the corner of RT 2 and West St. in Annapolis, MD. While the size of the store has grown drastically, the fun and friendly personality of the store has remianed the same. With a second Third Eye store joining the family in Spring of 2011 to serve Southern Maryland, the mission of Third Eye is clear: to bring new and old comic book and pop culture fans the best comic shopping experience they’ve ever known.

Third Eye Comics is an internationally-renowned retailer who has been honored with nominations for the Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award, as well as many other accolades due to our selection and service. We’re known for having one of the largest selections of comic books and graphic novels in the country, as well as a huge variety of merchandise related to comics, geek culture, and gaming culture. In addition to our massive inventory of comics and graphic novels, we stock huge selections of action figures, designer toys, statues, board games / RPGs, collectible card games, a full section of apparel, comic collecting supplies, novelties, and much more.

While our massive selection, and clean, inviting storefronts are a major trademark of Third Eye Comics, it’s our dedication to customer service that we are most proud of. Whether you’re brand new to comics, or a long-time fan, we are eager to help you find your next favorite. Our staff is a team of friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable folks who love getting good comics into your hands. Most importantly, you can always have high expectations for a friendly, professional member of the Third Eye family to assist you at Third Eye who shares your passion, and has a dedication to making your shopping experience the best.


Where is Third Eye Comics?

Short answer:


2027A WEST ST. * ANNAPOLIS, MD * 21401



Third Eye Comics has locations in both Annapolis, and St. Mary’s County, MD.

Our Annapolis Location

Our Annapolis store is conveniently located on West St, which is only 2 minutes from RT.50, offers plenty of free storefront parking, and is over 5,000 square feet of comic book goodness. If you’re coming from RT.50, you’ll come off onto the RT.2 PAROLE exit, and onto West St. Our shopping center is on your right hand side after you pass the DOUBLE T DINER (on your left). Look for the Third Eye sign, visible from the road, as well as landmarks like: RITE-AID, BAGELS AND, PAPA JOHNS, ect.

This is the Third Eye Mega-Store, and with over 5,000 square feet of comics, graphic novels, toys, games, and novelties, we’re dedicated to giving you one of the largest selections in the country. Our location is convenient, with plenty of free storefront parking.

Our Southern Maryland Location

Our Southern Maryland store is conveniently located right off THREE NOTCH RD / RT 235 in St. Mary’s County, minutes from the Pax River Naval Base, and in the heart of Southern Maryland’s shopping district, California, MD.

The Southern Maryland Third Eye Comics store was opened in the Spring of 2011, and features the same level of large selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and clean, inviting shopping environment that our Annapolis mega-store does. We are located centrally in St. Mary’s County, MD, serving comic fans from all over the Southern Maryland region, ranging from Calvert County, Charles County, St. Marys County, and beyond.


What makes Third Eye Comics Special?

We bring the perfect blend of a large, clean, well-stocked store with the personable and friendly staff of your neighborhood comic shop. Our storefronts offer the state’s largest selection of current comics and trade paperbacks. Want to catch up on that hot new series you’ve been hearing about? We guarantee we’ll have all the issues you need to catch up in stock. Tired of finding your favorite title sold out the week it comes out? Third Eye always has the widest selection of in-stock new titles each and every week.

Trade paperbacks, hardcovers and other related graphic novels are also a big focus here at Third Eye Comics. We’re very proud to say that we have one of the largest selections of graphic novels in the United States. Whether it’s a classic hidden gem, or the latest Vertigo epic, you’ll find it amongst the thousands and thousands of graphic novels we stock at Third Eye Comics.

And, it’s not just books that make Third Eye what it is. We’ve got loads of amazing statues, action figures, vinyl toys, and other novelties and apparel. In other words, Third Eye is a one-stop pop culture emporium of awesome and wonderfully unique things.

For those of you who are into gaming, we have a full selection of MAGIC: THE GATHERING, WORLD OF WARCRAFT TCG, CARDFIGHT VANGUARD, and many other trading card games. We also carry a large assortment of board games, and role-playing games, as well as collectible miniature games like HEROCLIX.

However, the one thing that our customers say really makes us stand out above all else is our customer service. Our clean, well-lit storefronts and friendly, helpful staff make for a welcoming, and comfortable shopping environment. Whether you’re a long-time comic book fan, or you’re brand new to the hobby, we’re here to help you out. You can always expect a warm greeting, and a friendly shopping experience at Third Eye Comics.

Does Third Eye Comics Offer Subscription Box Services? Yes!

Can’t make it to the shop every week, and want an easy way to keep track of what you’re following? We offer a free subscription service where you can keep a list of titles on file with us, and we’ll pull and hold them whenever a new issue is released for you to pick up at your convenience. You can learn more about our subscription service by clicking here.


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