9/23/17: International Batman & Harley Quinn Day at Third Eye!

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BATMAN DAY has become an annual staple at Third Eye, and this year – we’re pulling out all the stops, and why? Well, a big part of it has to do that our favorite Clown Princess of Crime – HARLEY QUINN – has taken over BATMAN DAY, and given us (like we needed one to begin with!) an excuse to have HARLEY QUINN DAY as well!

But lets face it: our love of all things BAT-Family means this isn’t just BATMAN DAY, it’s not just HARLEY DAY, it’s BAT-DAY! And we’re celebrating everything from BATMAN to HARLEY to the HUNTRESS to the CLOCK KING!

We’ll be hosting tons of fun, including a special guest signing at our Annapolis store with current BATMAN writer TOM KING, who many of you know from his epic runs like BATMAN WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES, as well as recent favorites like BATMAN / ELMER FUDD and MISTER MIRACLE!

PLUS: tons of awesome stuff happening as well!

What’d we have in store for BATMAN DAY?

  • First 50 in line receive a FREE Third Eye x Batman Day Bat-Bag of goodies!
  • A FREE Batman Day / Harley Quinn Day Comic Book
  • FREE BATMAN / HARLEY Day Mask with purchase of any Batman / Harley graphic novel
  • FREE Batman Day Giveaways including ACTIVITY SHEETS, BUTTONS & More!
  • A Special BATMAN & HARLEY QUINN Day Sale Event! Save 20% OFF all Batman & Harley related graphic novels (if it’s got a Batman-related character in it, it’s on sale!)
  • Come in BAT-COSPLAY or HARLEY COSPLAY (any character from the BATMAN universe, whether it’s a villain, supporting cast, or whatever!) – and be entered to win a BAT-DAY Prize Bundle!