8/16/17: DC Universe Rebirth Midnight Release Party

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Third Eye Faithful, we have to tell you: DC COMICS has been absolutely on top of their game since they launched REBIRTH in the Summer of 2016, and it looks like things are really heating up as they take us into their first giant universe-spanning crossover since FLASHPOINT with Dark Nights: METAL!

We’re so stoked about METAL that we’ve put together an extra special MIDNIGHT RELEASE event in the spirit of our original DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH midnight release to help kick things off!

This highly anticipated mini-series will be delivering a story that ranks up there with CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS, BLACKEST NIGHT, FLASHPOINT and more, as the entire fabric of the multiverse is corrupted by what could only be called… THE DARK MULTIVERSE!

If you’ve been following the prelude chapters in DARK DAYS THE FORGE and DARK DAYS THE CASTING one-shots, you KNOW this one is pulling no punches, and is full of surprises, so needless to say: getting your copy at midnight and reading it before all those internet spoilers get out and ruin the fun!

We’ve got a TON of fun stuff going on with our METAL midnight release! We’ve even crafted a special edition of the Third Eye Playlist featuring all of our favorite metal tracks! That’s right – you better brush up on your King Diamond, Entombed, and Lair of the Minotaur – ’cause we’re gonna be spinning all of our favorites during this epic midnight release of DC’s most metal comic ever!


Whether you’re brand new to REBIRTH or a long-time fan, this is a must-read!

What’s the scoop on METAL? Third Eye Faithful, we haven’t been this intrigued by a DCU concept since the very beginning of BLACKEST NIGHT — it’s so freakin’ cool.

Spinning out of a mystery that Batman has been investigating ever since the very first issue of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run that began with THE COURT OF OWLS, and has continued into Rebirth with the recent revelations from THE BUTTON storyline, METAL is the culmination of everything that all star BATMAN creative team Snyder and Capullo have been building towards for the last few years.

Whether it’s Nth Metal or Doctor Fate’s helmet – there’s a lot of strange and mysterious metals in the DC Universe that do strange and mysterious things.

And, there’s something about them that’s connected to the entirety of the DCU Multiverse in a big way.

You better believe BATMAN has been on top of this from the get go — but, now, the very DARK MATTER that he’s been investigating is beginning to seep into the reality of the current DC Universe… and with it, it’s bringing something very interesting: the Dark Multiverse.

Just like there’s 52 Earths, and a different reality for each – there’s a dark side to these worlds, a dark multiverse, and as it’s tentacles extend into the DC Universe.. they’re changing it in a very frightening way.

All the mysteries you’ve been waiting to see come to light, from the myster of the THREE JOKERS, to the long-time intrigue surrounding things like Hawkman and Nth Metal.. it’s all going to be explored here in METAL!

Even more exciting — this storyline delivers the first real crisis of the Rebirth era, as the DC Universe finds itself terraformed into a horrific mirror of itself.

Didn’t think Gotham couldn’t get any scarier? Wait until you see it after the Dark Matter has had its way with it.

If Frank Frazetta and Jack Kirby collaborated with Seasons in the Abyss as their soundtrack — you’d get METAL, and we CANNOT wait to get our hands on it this Summer!

Get the DC METAL #1 MIDNIGHT Launch Variant for just $4.99 exclusively at our launch event!

In celebration of this very special release, DC Comics has put together a very coolMIDNIGHT launch variant that’s available for just $4.99!

You can scoop a copy ONLY at our midnight launch event, so make sure you line up early, and snag your’s!



What else have we got in store at our METAL Midnight Launch Party?

OK, so not only do you get first crack at buying that super rad variant, but we’ve got tons of other fun stuff going on including:

  • First crack at purchasing DC Universe Rebirth #1 & reading it right then and there before you drive home!
  • First crack at purchasing the special 1 in 100 BLACK & WHITE DC METAL #1 Midnight Variant (limited quantities available!)
  • A Special DC Comics Graphic Novel Sale to celebrate DC METAL!
  • Take advantage of our special METAL Midnight Bundle Offer, where you can pre-pay all 6 issues of METAL for just $24.99 & save $5 off the normal cover price!
  • The official Third Eye METAL Playlist will be in full effect!